Ursa Major

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Company Overview

  • Founded Date 21/03/2024
  • Categories Aerospace Engineer

Company Description

Company Description

Ursa Major is the leading independent rocket propulsion provider and a critical player in building the defense industrial base in the United States.

As the first American company to fire an oxygen-rich staged combustion engine—a milestone previously only achieved by Russian engine-makers—Ursa Major provides reusable, high-performing propulsion systems to commercial space enterprises, defense contractors, and the Department of Defense for launch, hypersonics, and national security missions.


It is notoriously difficult, slow, and expensive—and the most likely cause of launch failure.

Our focus leads to technology that can up to double launch capacity and solve supply chain risks at a lower cost.

Manufactured using 3D printing for scalable production, Ursa Major propulsion systems save customers an average of five years and $50 million compared to building propulsion in-house.


Founded in 2015 by former SpaceX and Blue Origin propulsion engineer Joe Laurienti, Ursa Major has been pushing aerospace and defense forward ever since.


Our 90-acre headquarters co-locates engineering, manufacturing, & testing operations, allowing for unmatched development time and rapid iteration. With multiple full-engine test stands, sub-component testing, multi-propellant testing, and more than 60,000 square feet of manufacturing and build space, we’re proud to call Colorado home.