Tyvak International

  • Germany, VIA ORVIETO 19, 10149 Turin, Italy View on Map

Company Overview

  • Founded Date 28/03/1999
  • Categories Aerospace Engineer

Company Description


Tyvak International is a leading manufacturer of nano and micro satellites primarily serving the European market. Our team comprises passionate engineers, scientists, and space enthusiast who are united by a shared vision to revolutionize the way we explore and utilize space. With a wealth of experience and an unwavering commitment to excellence, our team embraces the challenges of the cosmos, continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

We thrive on collaboration and are driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation, delivering satellite solutions that empower organizations across industries to achieve their space-based goals.


At Tyvak International, we foster a culture built upon meticulous risk management, ensuring that every aspect of our operations is finely tuned for excellence. Through our robust production quality management, analysis, testing, and data correlation processes, we anchor our engineering models on a solid foundation, ensuring the mission’s success. Tyvak International’s on-site manufacturing and testing capabilities allow complete chain of custody control for research and development.


Our Mission Operations Center is equipped to manage multiple vehicles and missions simultaneously. Combined with our Global Ground Station Network, we provide actionable, low latency information to our customers and end users around the clock. Tyvak’s mission operations team gains critical experience operating the vehicle during the integration and test phase of the satellite. Prior to delivery for launch, the mission operations team performs independent Day in the Life validates of the vehicle in a flight-like, plugs out state for final confirmation of system and software readiness.


Tyvak is the premiere launch integrator for nanosatellites and microsatellites for commercial and government organizations. We coordinate and secure launch opportunities with nearly every launch provider in the world. Utilizing our flight-proven satellite deployers and the expertise of our launch integration services team, we tailor our service to your specific launch program needs. This includes:

  • Conducting the full complement of launch integration analysis
  • Accommodating spacecraft-unique requirements
  • Range Safety Approval (including propulsion systems)
  • Interface control documentation and verification