Company Overview

  • Founded Date 20/10/2011
  • Categories Consulting / Engineering Services

Company Description

Immedia is a software development and consulting company specializing in providing support solutions for management within organizations with a strong project orientation. Our clients mainly belong to the space sector, such as the European Space Agency (ESA) and EUMETSAT.

Our solutions combine software development and integration with support in areas such as project management (PPM and PMOs), knowledge management (KM), and support for engineering processes (Systems Engineering, Software QA, verification and validation, etc.).

Through this, we enhance our clients’ control processes and decision-making, and streamline work environments that generate and demand a lot of information, such as matrix organizations, Project Management Offices (PMO), or control and reporting in large contractor structures.


• Technological Innovation
• Data solutions
• Custom Software
• Consultancy and specialised support


Immedia’s values are the foundation of our business and shape both our employees’ experience and our relationship with clients.

Honesty, transparency, sincerity, and acting based on common values are essential pillars of Immedia. We promote teamwork, fostering collaboration and mutual respect to achieve shared goals.

At Immedia, the passion for what we do is evident. Our commitment to the client is total, providing maximum value and experience, being proactive in problem-solving.