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AIT Engineer

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Job Description

What do we do?

ReOrbit strives to shape the future of the space economy. Our vision is to build the foundation for the next generation of space applications by transforming how satellites are designed and manufactured from today’s rigid single-use satellites into autonomous, connected, and reconfigurable systems. We want to develop the infrastructure for seamless data flow in space or to and from the ground. We, therefore, provide small satellites based on our software-defined platforms which are optimised for high data transfer capacity. We are a system integrator, using our software technologies to cost-efficiently manufacture satellites. Our services range from mission and spacecraft design to integration and qualification, as well as integration with launch and ground segment services. Today we are a rapidly growing company and building a very strong multidisciplinary team to support our activities. We are headquartered in Helsinki, Finland with subsidiaries in Stockholm, Sweden and Bariloche, Argentina.


Working at ReOrbit

At ReOrbit, we are focused on building a strong team as we believe nothing can be accomplished without innovative, humble and curious minds working together on a common goal. We’re all about fostering an inclusive, dynamic environment where equality and diversity are our strength. Our hierarchies are designed thoughtfully, and titles reflect the work we do. As a team, we value open communication, facts and evidence instead of speculation, and trust as we want to ensure everyone feels safe and secure to voice their opinions and speak their minds. We believe this supportive environment is a driver of innovation and collaboration. In other words, making a difference.


About this role

Reorbit is looking for an experienced Assembly, Integration and Testing (AIT) Engineer for a critical role in the integration of its satellite platforms, ensuring that components and systems are assembled, integrated, and tested effectively to meet project requirements and quality standards. We are looking for someone who has participated in the entire AIT procedure from planning, execution, testing and validation. We are a NewSpace company, and the engineer is expected to think on their feet and come up with efficient solutions to potential problems associated with new projects and integration setup. We are eager to have somebody who is up for the challenge and can work with an agile team of engineers. The engineer will also lead a small team of technicians to get the entire process from design to delivery.



  • Develop assembly plans and procedures based on engineering designs, specifications, and project requirements. This involves analysing system/component configurations, determining assembly sequences, and identifying required tools, equipment, and resources
  • Work closely with the Systems Engineering team on the design of the platform and the delivery schedule from suppliers
  • Work hands on the Assembly and Integration process, with a focus on the electrical integration and structural integrity of the platform
  • Plan and execute the integration and setup of the platform for system level functional and environmental tests
  • Coordinate the integration of multiple subsystems or components into a complete system architecture. This involves managing integration schedules, resolving interdependencies, and conducting integration tests to verify system functionality and performance
  • Maintain accurate records of assembly, integration, and testing activities, including assembly procedures, test plans, test results, and compliance documentation. Prepare technical reports, status updates, and presentations for internal and external stakeholders
  • Order necessary support equipment and maintain lab environment at all times of the assembly process


Skills and Experience

  • Technical Competence:  A background in electrical or mechanical engineering is preferred. A solid understanding of engineering principles related to assembly, integration, and testing processes. This includes knowledge of mechanical, electrical, and/or software engineering, depending on the specific field.
  • Hands-on Assembly Skills: Minimum 3 years of experience in satellite AIT is required. Proficiency in assembling components, subsystems, or entire systems according to engineering drawings, specifications, and procedures. This may involve mechanical assembly, soldering, wiring, or programming tasks.
  • Integration Skills: Ability to integrate various subsystems or components into a larger system while ensuring compatibility, functionality, and performance. This often requires troubleshooting skills to identify and resolve integration issues.
  • Testing and Verification: Experience in developing and executing test plans to verify system functionality, performance, and reliability. This may involve using various testing equipment, instruments, and methodologies to conduct functional tests, environmental tests, and stress tests
  • Quality Assurance: Knowledge of quality standards, processes, and methodologies to ensure that assembled and integrated systems meet specified requirements and standards. This includes documenting and reporting test results, identifying non-conformities, and implementing corrective actions.


We offer


  • Challenging but rewarding environment – you will thrive if you are always reflecting on how to make things better. Your ideas will be heard
  • Ambitious and supportive network of people, who are motivated to change the space industry, bringing expertise from both classic and new space
  • Flexibility in working hours & remote work. You can choose your ways of working, so that it is enjoyable for you. You thrive, we thrive
  • Chance to make lasting impact and grow together with ReOrbit on its upward trajectory. You will steer your own career path and have an opportunity to contribute to shaping the workplace
  • Benefits such as lunch vouchers, free gym, events, parties, relocation support – but most importantly a possibility to be a part of a unique and diverse team, connected by similar mindset and sense of humour



Join us in our journey of transforming technology and enabling space applications of our current and future society where efficiency, sustainability and security are unlocked to their full potential! Please, submit your application as soon as possible – we are excited to hear from you and can’t wait to discover your unique skills and experiences.


For agencies: We do not accept unsolicited CVs for our open vacancies. Any CV sent to our team unsolicited will reserve us the right to pursue a candidate without obligation to the sender. All candidate submissions must be conducted through our official channels and in accordance with our terms of engagement.


Don’t forget to mention SEAC-Careers when applying.

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